small kittens getting medical care

Mini Misfits

Mutt Misfits and NOAH have developed a full neonatal program with training resources, an exceptional neonatal vet, and an incredible base of neonatal fosters that help us save the most vulnerable, mini misfits.  Mutt Misfits still serves as the primary nonprofit for all our intake, funding, and adoptions; while NOAH serves as a base of expertise, knowledge and development for the neonatal program.

In our Mini Misfits Program, we primarily pull the harder medical cases, the critical care kittens and puppies and the neonates (both orphans and mothers with babies).

Neonates Age 0-4 Weeks:  The majority of our neonates in this age range are typically orphans, though we do occasionally pull mothers with babies as well. These neonates require round the clock bottle-feeding by an experienced or trained care-giver.

Neonates Age 4-8 Weeks:  Our 4-8 week old neonates are either graduates from neonates we had previously pulled, or puppies and kittens that are typically severe/critical care medical cases.  We are blessed to have amazing fosters as even the severe and critical medical cases often require intense care and dedication.

Critical Care Puppies & Kittens: We often pull paralyzed kittens/puppies, kittens/puppies that need eye enucleations, kittens/puppies with seizures, kittens/puppies with hydrocephalus, kittens with Calici, herpes or a bad URI, puppies with parvo, kennel cough, or distemper, kittens/puppies with a broken pelvis or leg, kittens/puppies with abscesses, kittens/puppies on the euthanasia list, and other urgent medical cases that most rescues refuse to give a chance.